Brandy Extra Hector Legrand

Brandy Extra Hector Legrand


When Achille our ancestor went to the domain of Font Giraud to propose to Irène Legrand, he discovered some nice old barrels in his future father-in-law’s basement, Hector.

He decided to seize the opportunity of becoming a famous and respected distiller in the Haute Saintonge region thanks to this precious reserve. When he became the owner of the domain, he marked the barrels with Hector’s initials HL, in memory of his father-in-law. The HL Reserve became the inheritors proudness for the next generations.

We are still very proud of and highly inspired by our ancestor’s work. Hector Legrand Reserve gave rise to wonderful and high quality brandies that we try to spread with the same passion. That is the reason why we decided to give this extra brandy the name of Hector Legrand.


  • Aspect: deep brown color.
  • Nose: full-bodied, rich.
  • Mouth: sweet, warm, oaky. Dry fruit, hints of chocolate.

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