VSOP Bruno Delannoy - Cuvée Action

VSOP Bruno Delannoy - Cuvée Action


Our range of VINET-DELPECH COGNAC is a visual reflection of the family history. In concrete terms, each age, HORS D’AGE, XO, VSOP, VS reflects the producer who, in the family produced the cognac and then accompanied it through the ageing process. It also reflects those who continue this “cognac masterpiece” within the company today.

This well-ambered  VSOP  with shades of copper has a vanilla nose with hints of dried fruit, has a well-balanced and fruity palate. It can be served mixed or neat.

Front label: Bruno DELANNOY

Thanks to Vinet & Delpech families' ancient "savoir-faire", handed down through many generations, we are proud to share with you our finest cognacs, made with passion.

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