Vinet-Delpech is family-owned distillery founded in 1777. We own 12 pot stills and a hundred hectares of vineyard in the heart of the Cognac region, in Petite Champagne and Fins Bois areas. Our company is well-known for the quality of its products. In addition, we have been trading spirits for years and we specialized in the creation of tailor made spirits and private label brands.

Whatever the project, we can propose a wide range of spirits: cognac, brandy, gin, vodka, whisky, rum. We are able to source the product you are targeting. Thanks to our 3 recent bottling lines, our expertise and our wide network of suppliers and designers, we are able to answer almost every inquiry when it comes to the creation of a new product. Each and every element of your product can be customized and adapted to the requirements of your project: bottles, decanters, stoppers, labels, silkscreen decoration, metallic caps, plastic sleeve, gift boxes, and cardboard cases.

Whether you have your own recipe or just a rough idea of what your product should taste, our laboratory can support you in the creation of your new product. Distillation in pot stills, column stills, maceration, natural flavorings, filtration, reduction, analysis, quality controls etc.: we can provide an extensive support during the technical phase of the creation of a new spirit.

Thanks to our authorized warehouse keeper status, we are able to store your goods and manage inbound and outbound logistics for you. Several solutions are possible according to your needs.